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  1. You can expect to be supported by a caring, friendly, empathetic Weigh-Less Group Leader who has lost weight on the Weigh-Less eating plan, and who can relate to YOUR yearning for a slimmer and healthier you - for life.
  2. You will have access each week to group meetings run by passionate, Weigh-Less trained Group Leaders who have both the empathy and training to assist you in attaining your Goal Weight Membership, and staying there for life.

  3. You can expect your Group Leader to access your present weight, height , frame size, lifestyle and dietary needs; and based on these details, assign a healthy goal weight for you to work towards, as well as assign a Weigh-Less formula and profile to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

  4. You can expect your Group Leader to be discreet at all times.

  5. You can expect to meet existing members online who understand your weight loss struggles, because they are, or have been, in the same predicament, providing an opportunity to meet a whole new support family.

  6. You can expect to feel an energetic and positive atmosphere that are core to our Weigh-Less groups.

  7. You can expect a motivational message every week, and be left feeling positive about your personal journey to goal weight.

  8. You can expect to feel motivated to strive towards your personal targets and Goal Weight as your Group Leader talks about the various aspects of health and weight management.

  9. You can expect to receive an explanation of the eating plan on your first week. We encourage you to ask lots of questions to clear up any confusion and make sure you understand all aspects of your eating plan. We are here to support you. You can expect to receive up-to-date news on the latest food products and weight management information via on line group talks and the sharing of information.

  10. Most of all, we promise to care!

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