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    The Weigh-Less food endorsement division has been in operation since 1978. With the variety of foods manufactured by leading South African manufacturers as well as the Weigh-Less Green Band products, it’s no wonder Weigh-Less holds the dominant position in the health and weight management sector of the food and beverage market – giving consumers a range of line items that have been specially formulated to help them make that healthy choice.

    Weigh-Less Foods

    The Weigh-Less Food products are specifically formulated for use in the Weigh-Less Weight Management Programme and are also perfect for those wanting to follow a healthy lifestyle. The Weigh-Less Foods have been designed with our members in mind, and includes a wide variety of products from canned fruits and pasta sauces to nougat and dessert mousses. Our bright green packaging makes our foods instantly recognisable. Purchasing any of the Weigh-Less Food products gives you the assurance that you are making the BEST choice for yours and your families health. The products have been developed and manufactured to our strict standards and fit into your eating plan perfectly.

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    Break-out Range

    Weigh-Less does not expect anyone to live a life devoid of treats, but a healthy lifestyle does require knowledge on how to incorporate these little treats into a daily eating plan without negatively impacting on the weight loss you have achieved so far. The Weigh-Less Break-Out range was developed to offer members, and weight conscious individuals tasty alternatives to traditional high fat, high calorie treats. They are portion packed and specially formulated so that if used correctly, they will not interfere with or affect your weight loss.

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