Legé Bokwandini

Legé Bokwandini is an Account Manager, she lives with her husband and two Daughters, Germiston..

  • Age : 31
  • Height : 1.67m
  • Weight then : 104.6kg
  • Goal Weight : 73kg
  • Weight lost : 31.6kg
  • Date reached Goal Weight : 26 June 2013

0 Kg Weight Lost

My Story

“I gave into my weaknesses and eventually became resentful, depressed and felt worthless. ”

Lege’s weight was always something that she struggled with, and for a while she ignored its impact on her life. Emotionally she was slowly losing her sense of belonging, often hiding her depression and unhappiness behind a smile, and a plate of food. After realising how much her extra weight was holding her life back, she made a decision to reclaim her life and change her ways for the better, losing 35.2kg!

The rise of my wrong choices

I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. As a child I was always the ‘fat kid’ in class that was constantly teased by other children. I lacked confidence and had very few friends. I completed high school weighing around 73kg, and when I moved to Johannesburg for work, I lost complete control over my lifestyle. Living without any parental supervision, sports or after-school activities, my weight spiralled out of control. It got worse after I moved in with Praneel, my then fiancé, as our social life became focused around food - we ate out a lot, and enjoyed braais with family and friends on most weekends.

“At work my capabilities, opinions and decisions remained undermined and were never taken seriously”.”

Ten years later the wedding plans began and the reality of walking down the aisle weighing more than 90kg was both depressing and scary. All I could see when I looked at myself was an image of a ‘huge’ unattractive soon-to-be bride who was going to be crammed inside a wedding dress. I hated myself for what I had done to myself and my body, but not enough to make a change. Getting married only caused me gain even more weight as our bad habits continued to spiral out of control. By the time I fell pregnant I was already weighing more than 100kg. Completing the simplest daily tasks would often leave me feeling tired and even short of breath.

In search of willpower

Shopping became a nightmare that I wanted to end quickly. I would never find clothes that fitted my gradually growing size, and when I did find them, I would look and feel unattractive and embarrassed. Each time people noticed or glanced at me, I felt like they were secretively judging and labelling me, and as a result, I avoided going to public events. Soon after, people started avoiding me as well, my colleagues would never invite me to any parties and functions outside work.The only time I felt ‘safe’ and un-judged was with my close family and friends.

The list of the methods I used in attempt to lose my extra weight were endless, from shakes, pills, drops, ‘magic soaps’, gym, a number of home-made, ‘scientifically proven diets’, and I even tried starving myself! They would all cause me to lose weight quickly, but within two weeks, I would regain the weight or wind-up feeling ill. After each diet fail, I would be back to my unhealthy habits that would leave me feeling guilty and depressed. Suddenly, food had taken over my life and I felt powerless and out of control. I pretended to accept my weight and forced myself to stop trying, hoping it would do the ‘trick’. This method didn’t work, but instead I despised the way I looked and how I lacked the ability to control what I ate.

My husband, family and friends never said anything negative about my weight and supported me throughout my struggle. My husband would console me and tell me that he loved me regardless of how I looked, after every diet fail.


“Then one day, I got tired of feeling like I was merely existing instead of enjoying life, and so I decided to invert my unhealthy lifestyle for the better. I made a decision to lose weight and become healthy, not to please other people, but to improve myself and health in the process.”

One of my close friends introduced me to Weigh-Less, she told me how well it had worked for her, and the results were clearly evident. After that, I felt inspired and was ready to do the same. I joined our Waltons Corporate Group with Group Leader, Elize Du Preez. I received the warmest welcome from my colleagues and from Elize. I was determined to change my life even though at that stage I didn’t believe that it would work.

My first week was tough as I had to adjust from my bad eating habits into a new healthy Eating Plan. I had developed a terrible habit of climbing on the scale every time I walked past the bathroom but when I started Weigh-Less I put it away and decided not to de-motivate myself with the daily fluctuations and rather wait for the weekly weigh-ins. I lost 3.4 kg in my first week, I couldn’t believe it! I was so overjoyed by the loss that I was even reduced to tears. The amount of help and support I received from family, friends and from my Group Leader kept me strong and grounded during these first few weeks.

““When people started noticing and giving me compliments, it felt like everyone could sense my newly-found confidence and pride.

To further motivate myself, I set small goals that I knew would be easy to reach, as reaching my Goal Weight seemed far away. I also told myself that it wasn’t the number on the scale that mattered, but rather getting my life back on the healthy track. Being in a Corporate Group, we kept each other motivated throughout the week and pushed ourselves to weigh-in.

Boasting with pride and confidence

The highlight of my entire journey was when one of my long-time friends, whom I hadn’t seen in a while walked passed me without noticing me. She was truly amazed by my transformation, and this was proof that I had made the right decision.

In the beginning I had to try and fit Weigh- Less into my lifestyle, now it’s simply my way of living that I cannot imagine my life without. In the beginning I used to cook separate meals for my husband, but after witnessing my drastic weight loss he soon enjoyed the tasty Weigh-Less meals. In four months he lost a whopping 16kg!

Going out to restaurants was no longer a frequent occasion, we only went out for special occasions and celebrations. And when we did, I always ensured that I chose the healthiest options on the menu. When I went out I would pack my snacks in my handbag and a little cooler bag with a lunch and yoghurt to ensure I always had a healthy food option.

The way I felt about myself, began to change. I soon gained confidence and was no longer embarrassed to speak to people. I became far more involved at work, and even partook in training sessions and in presentations, as opposed to before when all I would do was sit quietly in a corner and remain unnoticed.


“Weigh-Less has completely transformed my life, and given me the chance to appreciate and value myself more while cherishing and embracing every moment.”

The sky is the limit

My social life has always been surrounded by food and festivities, but now thanks to Weigh-Less, I have the right attitude to try new and exciting activities instead. We enjoy days at the zoo, fishing and camping and one of my most unforgettable experiences to date was sky diving! I progressed from being scared of just leaving the house to jumping 8500 feet from a plane! Exercise is now also a big part of my life, I exercise for 20 minutes each day both at home and at work.

Once I had reached my Goal Weight, my next goal was to add some colour and excitement to my wardrobe. I took out all my old, baggy clothes and only kept one outfit to motivate and remind me of my journey. I wanted the way I felt on the inside to match how I looked on the outside, now my wardrobe is packed with fashionable, fitting clothes. I also changed my hairstyle, now I have the confidence to wear my hair down as opposed to the usual rushed, pulled-back pony tail.

My friends and family are proud and also amazed by my transformation. Even though my husband wasn’t completely convinced Weigh-Less would work, his attitude soon changed when he saw how much it had changed my life. Weigh-Less has become my way of life and I strictly live by the principles I have adopted from the Eating Plan. I have learnt that moderation is the key and that the cure to a bad day or week requires nothing but discipline and perseverance.

My top tips for your weight loss journey:

• Patience is the key: Weight-loss is not a process, make health and leading a healthy life your goal and the weight-loss will be a bonus.

• Keep moving: Exercise at least three times a week. Start having more active and fun- filled activities on weekends, even if it’s by yourself.

• Throw away any tempting, unhealthy snacks in your kitchen

• Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. These people will help keep you strong and motivated, and even believing in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

What I Like To Eat

Breakfast: Weigh-Less Muesli with fat-free milk.
Lunch: Wholewheat bread with ham, mustard and fresh salad.
Dinner: Chicken stir-fry with wild, brown rice.

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