Kelly Adams

Kelly Adams is a self-employed hair salon owner who lives in Johannesburg.She is also a Group Leader and runs Groups in Florida North.

  • Weight then : 82kg
  • Goal Weight : 62kg
  • Weight lost : 20kg
  • Time Taken : 6 months

0 Kg Weight Lost

“The weight had stripped me of all my self-confidence and the fact that I had to wear larger clothing further added to my dismay.”

Kelly Adams is a self-employed mother of two beautiful children. Her first pregnancy saw her gain weight, which she tried to lose with various unsuccessful diets. She lost weight, but struggled to keep it off and ended up gaining more than what she had originally lost. Following her second pregnancy, Kelly’s weight ballooned to a level that she felt was unacceptable and she decided that it was time to do something about it. She turned to Weigh-Less not only to shed the unwanted kilograms, but also to regain her confidence and eye-catching beauty.

“My husband and I would go for a jog the minute I felt tempted to cheat!” – Kelly Adams

The weight of pregnancy

I never had a problem with my weight while growing up. I was a slim teenager who lived a healthy lifestyle and I never had the issue of a few extra kilograms. I only started to gain weight during my first pregnancy, as the cravings took over and I overindulged in all the wrong kinds of food. The weight remained after giving birth to my gorgeous daughter and I couldn’t come to terms with the new shape I was in. I struggled to get rid of the unwanted weight and attempted many different diets to lose it, all to no avail. The results were always the same; I would lose a few kilograms, only to put them back on a few weeks later. This was incredibly frustrating for me.

My weight then further increased with my second pregnancy. The extra weight added to my already large frame and I felt myself getting bigger and bigger. I was uncomfortable and unhappy with how I looked, and the direction that I was heading.I often felt tired and overwhelmed, and it seemed as though my weight was controlling my life. It felt like a heavy burden that I had to continuously carry around with me, which prevented me from living my life the way I had before it became part of my body. My father became the booming voice in my head, constantly reminding me that I was too young to give in to my weight, and reassuring my thoughts that I had to do something more permanent about it.

“What motivated me the most throughout my journey was the fact that my clothing was fitting better and I was feeling much more confident. ”

Weigh-Less, a permanent solution

Although I didn’t experience any health problems because of my weight, I felt as though I owed it to my family, as well as myself, to get healthy and lose the weight that was dragging me down. I was young and wanted to have a fulfilling life with my husband and my children, something that I could only have if I was healthy and happy. I love looking and feeling beautiful, and at the time I felt as though I was achieving neither. I had grown more determined than ever to get my life back and to regain my confidence, I knew that my beauty would then soon follow.

The diets that I had previously tried did not work, and this is because they did not suit me or my lifestyle. They also did nothing to improve my eating habits, which was absolutely essential if I was going to keep the weight off once I had lost it. I had seen many of the Weigh-Less products in the shops and it was something that I had not tried yet. I had known about it for a long time but was always looking for a quick-fix for my weight problem instead. I eventually decided to try Weigh-Less and I channelled all of my determination into the programme.

I joined Charlie Clifton’s Group at Westridge High school, Roodeport. She was an incredibly warm and welcoming woman and I immediately felt as though I had made the right decision to join her Group. Charlie assured me that this was going to be a committed journey that was about the decisions and choices that I made. It was all up to me and I was ready to take it on, with the keen guidance and advice from my dedicated Group Leader. I felt as though I had found the permanent solution to my weight problem and was excited to get started on my Weigh-Less journey.

Giant steps in my journey

My first week on Weigh-Less was as tough as nails because of the restrictions on my food intake, but I was determined to stick to my Eating Plan in order to reach my Goal Weight as soon as possible. I began losing weight from the first week, which motivated me to keep going. The Eating Plan became less of a challenge because of the tangible results began to achieve, and because I had gotten used to the smaller portions. My mind was set in the right direction and every successful week inspired me more. The weight loss eventually started to become apparent, and I started getting messages from my friends and family congratulating me on the amazing results that I was achieving. I was so proud of myself and I knew that it was only just the beginning of a very successful journey!

The support that I was getting from my family and Group was amazing, but nothing motivated me more than the tangible results and the feel-good symptoms of weight loss. I devotedly weighed my food and ensured that I was steadfast in my Eating Plan, even if it meant that I had to cook a separate meal for myself. That was the level of commitment that was necessary for me to achieve my Goal Weight. I knew that if I wavered once, I would be tempted to waver again.

Weekends were the biggest challenge for me. I found it difficult to be around my children when they were eating sweets and chocolates, especially my favourite; cheese curls. I had a deal with my husband whereby we agreed that every time I felt tempted to cheat on my Eating Plan, we would have to go for a jog. Although I had the opportunity to take the weekend off with a Weigh-Less intervention card, I strictly stuck to my Eating Plan and Formula because I was determined to lose the weight as quickly and efficiently as possible. I also didn’t want to introduce the treats into my eating habits again as I had tried so hard to cut them out. I was still able to enjoy my braais, curries and family dinners; I just had to be more considerate in what I ate and how much I ate. The food on the Weigh-Less Eating Plan is still as delicious, it’s just suitably portioned for an individual’s weight loss journey.


“I now have a reinvigorated boost in self-confidence and a permanent injection of high energy levels. I feel years younger and seem to keep up with my children a lot easier now.”

My Goal Weight rewards

I reached my Goal Weight in July, My friends and family cannot believe the change in my attitude and my physical appearance. They are all so proud of me, and what’s even more rewarding is how proud I am of myself. I am proud because I had, and held onto, the determination and will to succeed in reaching my Goal Weight. My family are inspired by my efforts and I feel really good about that as they too are now aspiring to a healthier lifestyle.

My new energy levels have afforded me the opportunity to open up my own hair salon, which is now booming with success! I feel much more comfortable and drop-dead gorgeous in the clothing that I now wear, and find that I have a much wider range to choose from when I go shopping. I love shopping so this is a major bonus! Running and fitness is now a big part of my life and I try to exercise nearly every day of the week. I enjoy the feeling of being fit and healthy and nothing beats that burning sensation after a good run.

I still adhere to the Weigh-Less Eating Plan but I do not put as much pressure on myself when I get a sweet craving. I allow myself to have a chocolate or a few chips every now and then, but I keep my weight in mind and remind myself of the dreadful place that I came from. Weigh-Less is now my lifestyle and is completely entwined in my daily routine. I have been on my Goal Weight for over a year now and feel as though I should share my success with others. My journey has inspired me to motivate others who are faced with the same struggle as I once did, and so I decided to become a Group Leader myself in the Florida North area.

“Keep a positive mind set and stay motivated by using your Group for support. Your Group Leader should be the backbone of your support structure.

Kelly tips you for Goal Weight success

• Do not deviate at all from your Formual for the first month, at least. It may be a rough start but it smoothens out, I promise!
• Start Weigh-Less with a winning attitude, and the determination to succeed. You must start with the will to succeed. That’s already half the battle won.
• Say NO to temptations and stay on track, the second NO is always easier than the first. If you must have a treat and you are on the appropriate Step, choose one from the Weigh-Less Break-Out range.
• Focus on your Goal Weight and picture a new, fresh you. Don’t take your eye off the prize!