Andrew Smith

Andrew has a career in civil engineering, and lives in Johannesburg.

  • Height : 1.80m
  • Weight then : 114kg
  • Goal Weight : 92.4kg
  • Weight lost : 20kg
  • Time at Goal Weight: Date reached Goal Weight: 23 June 2012-10-19

0 Kg Weight Lost

My Story

“My greatest fear was that my unhealthy lifestyle, and being so overweight would lead to serious health problems, but for the most part I was too lazy to make the effort to change my ways.”

Life was good for Andrew, he had a beautiful fiancé, and was living life to the fullest. However he was inwardly fighting a personal battle with his weight. His go-getter attitude was not carried through to his lifestyle choices, and so he was in serious need of a change. What started as a supportive role for his fiancé, Andrew joined Weigh-Less and was amazed by the positive results he achieved, not only on his waistline, but in his entire attitude towards healthy living.

Lazy living

I have always been the guy with a little extra weight, and I enjoyed life to its fullest (food was no exception). I had a good social life, great friends and a beautiful fiancé, life was truly great – or so I thought. If I was truly honest with myself, I was deeply unhappy within myself. I was frustrated because I had put on so much weight. I like to think of myself as a self-made man, capable of achieving anything I set my mind to, however this was not the case when it came to living a healthy lifestyle.

In the past I had tried several other diets, including a high Protein diet, but they either expected too much in too short a time or I would simply fail to maintain my weight loss for any meaningful period. This caused me to become even more disappointed with myself. Mandy, my fiancé, was also overweight, and unhappy with herself – but our situations weren’t conducive to healthy eating and living.

“I am more confident and happier with life in general. People constantly comment on my now good demeanour and for the most part, happier self. My health has never been better”

Satisfying results

My sister-in-law was on the Weigh-Less Eating Plan, and was seeing good results – Mandy wanted this too, and so she made the decision to join Weigh-Less. It hurt and frustrated me to see my fiancé struggling with her weight, so I offered to join with her so that I could help motivate and keep her on track. So the hard work began, weighing everything, planning meals and keeping track of the food we ate. The first week was tough, and we both complained and questioned why we were doing this! To my amazement however, I lost over 1kg in the first week, and then a further 1.8kg in the second – I was astounded to say the least!

Into my third week I thought that it simply could not be possible to continue this trend, especially with the amount of food allowed on Weigh-Less. But again I was proved wrong and I lost a further 2kg! Then it hit me – I was actually losing weight! In an instant my confidence levels were up, and I could not stop boasting at how I had become an overachiever at weight loss. As the weeks went by the weight continued to drop steadily, and I managed for the most part to beat back much of the temptations presented at social occasions. However, I did hit a bit of a speed-wobble every now and then (and I overindulged at a couple of weddings). The days after my cheats I felt guilty, but was so motivated that I urged myself and Mandy to keep with the programme. The satisfaction that I got from being able to fit into pants I had not been able to wear for years inspired me to not give up!

Achieving success

The day finally arrived, I was 21.4kg lighter, and I had reached my Goal Weight – I was ecstatic! I had entered a space of no limits, of being able to do the (almost) impossible, and it was all thanks to Weigh-Less! After seeing the results of Weigh-Less, I wanted to go further, and get the body I always wanted! I set another personal goal of total body evolution, my next conquest was my physique. On my weight loss journey I had become a fitness enthusiast, and wanted to continue this trend after reaching Goal – ultimately I wanted to have an eight pack and a sculptured physique. Sticking to this plan, I have continued to exercise daily and eat healthily, as I know that it is possible to achieve my goals, as I have already achieved one.

I now get a good night’s sleep, don’t drink as much as I did before I joined, and am more conscious about my health and wellness. My social life is even better than it was before I lost the weight, and I can partake in physical activities with my friends I could never do before. This includes my quest to become gym fit and get that body I have always wanted.

I am now near the bottom of my Goal Weight range, through all the physical activity and gym that I partake in. My fitness quest has turned into a hobby of soughts, and I am contently reading up on and researching how I can better keep fit and healthy. Although Weigh-Less is still very much in the forefront of my mind when it comes to healthy eating.


“I am my greatest asset – and Weigh-Less has helped me realise this”

Conquering myself

Weigh-Less has essentially taught me not only how to eat and manage my food properly, but it has also taught me how to achieve. It has imparted onto me a life skill that many never learn, but desire their whole life. By conquering the smallest thing like food, I’ve conquered the biggest thing in life, myself! I have always been the one to let myself down, always been lazy and had a poor attitude that hindered me from achieving my personal successes. But this is now in the past

Without the support of my fiancé, my Group Leader and the Bedfordview Group, I would certainly still be ‘fat Andy’, reaching for another chicken wing. Rather, now I am ‘skinny Smithers’, reaching for a skinless chicken breast! I have been an inspiration to my family and friends and have encouraged them to take the same journey that I did, and join Weigh-Less. Subsequently both my mom and aunt have joined the Eating Plan that works.

This was nothing short of miraculous! My husband also started noticing the positive changes. Soon, the whole family gained interest in my meals, and they were eating what I was eating. Joining Weigh-Less was a positive, healthy change for the entire family.

A month later the results were so obvious that people started to think I was ill because I was looking so much thinner. I told them, “I’m fighting a terrible disease called obesity.” My brother and his wife saw the positive change in me and also joined Weigh-Less. They said that I motivated them to live healthy lifestyles.

“Know what you want to achieve and set yourself realistic goals.

Weigh-Less Man of the Year

The whole week leading up to the event was a week I'll never forget. All the five-star treatment at first was a bit disconcerting since it's something that I am not used to but after the first day, I got into the swing of things and started to enjoy being fussed over and being at the centre of attention! The fantastic boutique hotel we stayed in, all the gifts, the great meals and the surfing weren't the only things that made the week special, but rather the time spent with the other finalists that really made it awesome. Getting to know all the finalists and discover their stories and how much Weigh-Less had helped them was in itself inspiring.

The final Gala event was admittedly a bit nerve racking in the beginning but it was really enjoyable, especially the MC's humour throughout. We were all looking forward to each other’s video stories and it really hit home, when they were featured, how much our previous lives as overweight individuals had affected us negatively, and of how everyone's journeys to Goal Weight added so much immeasurable happiness and value. I can't say I wasn't disappointed when I did not win, but that feeling swept away quickly as I knew that no matter who won, we were all deserving in some measure. Stephen definitely did deserve to win and it was an honour getting to know him.

My top fitness tips:

Stick to your Eating Plan: : To get the body you desire you must eat the right food and correct portions. Speak to your Group Leader about putting you on the active formula if you are going to gym most days of the week.
Stay committed:Commit to your exercise programme, as you do your eating plan.
- Set yourself a goal: If you want to achieve a toned, muscular body, consider seeking professional advice from a Personal Trainer.