The facts

  • The symptoms of high cholesterol are often only noticed after having caused a substantial amount of damage to your arteries.
  • Early preventative treatment and measures can limit the extent of damage.
  • A quick finger prick (that can be performed at your local clinic or pharmacy) will give an overall cholesterol number.
  • If this number is elevated, you will need to go to your

It is recommended that your cholesterol levels are tested:

  • Every six months: If you have already high cholesterol levels.
  • At least once a year: If you have a family history of cholesterol or are at risk of high cholesterol.
  • Once every three years: If you have a low risk of cholesterol.

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Did you know?

Weight loss, healthy eating and regular exercise can prevent, reverse and manage high cholesterol levels in most people.

Symbols To Look For

Members with high cholesterol should mainly choose foods marked with the following symbols in the Food Choice Booklet: