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I founded Weigh-Less in 1975, envisioning all the values and support that I wanted to receive as an overweight person. Weigh-Less was to incorporate all the tools and support that I needed to assist me in losing weight. I wanted a live-able, do-able and afford-able eating plan that would be founded on sound nutritional principles. With Weigh-Less, I knew that whatever weight I lost, it would be done in a healthy and sustainable way. The vision was to create an environment where Members could come and feel secure and supported on their journey to Goal Weight. The idea would be to have Groups, led by former overweight people who had empathy, and could support the members both individually, and as a Group.

Mary Before and After These are the foundations that Weigh-Less was built on 'the Weigh-Less trilogy' the Group experience, the Group Leader and the Weight Management Programme, with the Member in the middle. Once you join Weigh-Less, your challenge becomes our challenge, and your success, our success!

Our mission at Weigh-Less is for every member to attain and maintain Target Weight the healthy way. Once you walk through our doors, your challenge is our challenge. Your body is our business and we care. Don’t ever give up on your dream – your journey starts here today.

The Weigh-Less Support System

The Weigh-Less Trilogy depicts the foundations upon which Weigh-Less was built – the In-Group experience, our dedicated Group Leaders, and the Weight Management Programme – with you, our Member, the essential hub driving all three parts. Once you join Weigh-Less, your challenge becomes our challenge, and your success, our success!

Your Group Leader

Weigh-Less support system

The Weigh-Less Groups are hosted by former overweight Members called Group Leaders. Your Group Leader is your mentor – someone who has gained wisdom from past experiences and who guides you to make the best decisions on your weight loss journey. They will not only teach you the principals of healthy weight loss, but will also demonstrate how you can manage yourself in all situations and incorporate the Weigh-Less principles into your lifestyle.

Your Group Experience

The in-Group experience is where you’ll find bucket loads of motivation on your journey to Goal Weight. Held once a week, your Group offers you three vital tools to keeping to your Eating Plan. The first is your Group Leader, who understands what you are going through and has a wealth of sound knowledge to assist you. The second is your fellow Members, who are also trying to retake their health and wellness. Share with them, and they will share with you. The third vital tool is the scale which might seem scary at first, but is necessary to keep track of your weight losses along the way. Your Group allows you to hold yourself accountable to others, and we at Weigh-Less encourage our Members to attend Group every week.

Your Eating Plan

Weigh-Less is a recognised endorsement entity by the South African Department of Health, thus we can offer you surety and peace of mind that the food choices your Group Leader advises you on follow strict prudent dietary guidelines. These food choices are also put together specifically with you, and your individual needs in mind. Everything compiled in Food Lists, Menu Plans, and all other material is done under strict dietary guidelines and principles.

What To Expect

Weigh-Less support system

The Weigh-Less Trilogy depicts the foundations upon which Weigh-Less was built – the In-Group experience, our dedicated Group Leaders, and the Weight Management Programme – with you, our Member, our focus, driving all three parts. Once you join Weigh-Less, your challenge becomes our challenge, and your success, our success!

Success Stories

Mia Le Roux
Tween Mia loses 15kg!
Nhlanhla loses 26kg!
Paul Reardon
Paul loses 17kg!

Success Story

Mia had struggled with her weight for most of her life, but when it began to affect her performance in sports and her self-confidence whilst around her friends, she knew it was time for a change. With her Weigh-Less Teens and Tweens Plan and a great deal of inspiring determination, she managed to turn up her nose to offers of treats and sweets, to lose an impressive 15kg!

“I wanted to be healthy, confident and slim like all my friends so badly, that I was determined to reach Goal Weight” – Mia Le Roux

I was always a chubby toddler, but I really started struggling with my weight as soon as I started school. I love good food and my mom and I used to bake often. Of course, I couldn’t say no to the great treats we used to bake. It got to the point where I had no control over what I ate and I would sometimes eat three cupcakes at a time! I was in grade three when I realised that I wasn’t like the other children at my school and I was much heavier. My size made me feel so uncomfortable all the time, and my self-confidence was very poor. I was also very self-conscious at school, and although I wasn’t teased, I often felt sad because children at school would say things about my weight behind my back and I would find out about it later. Although my mom and dad never said anything hurtful to me, I knew that they were worried about my unhealthy weight, and about how much more I was putting on. I did try to eat healthy, but this never worked because I still had no control over how much food I would eat, nor could I manage my cravings for sweet things. Because of this, my cholesterol was very high and I had no energy for my day-to-day and extramural activities.

Feeling the effects on the field
I knew that I had to do something about my weight when I was in grade four. The extra weight that I was carrying began to affect all my sports, as I couldn’t compete in any of the lifesaving competitions, or keep up with my friends on the tennis court. I was just too heavy! The other girls would all wear cute dresses for tennis tournaments, but because my weight had made me so self-conscious, I couldn’t even think about wearing a tight dress in front of so many people. I felt like everybody was looking at me and thinking badly about my size. I wanted to be able to participate in all my sports and feel great and confident like my friends, instead of embarrassed about the way I looked and how my weight affected my performance. I realised that I would have to make a change in order to carry on with all the activities I enjoyed so much and make the most of my teenage years. My mom and I started looking for healthy ways with which I would be able to get rid of all the bad habits that I had picked up over the years, and lose all the extra weight I had been carrying around with me. I knew I needed support along my weight loss journey, and an eating plan that would teach me to live by healthy principles. My mom’s friend, Jane was overweight as a child, and had lost weight on Weigh-Less. She recommended the programme to my Mom, and we decided to go to Tania Wilma’s Group in Westdene. I was so scared at my first meeting, and I was worried that I would never be able to eat anything sweet again!

Ups and downs
I managed to stick to my Eating Plan for six months and I lost 12kg! But although I had lost so much weight, I was still not fully dedicated to the programme. I still wanted to eat all the sweet things I enjoyed so much, and I didn’t want to have to worry about watching my weight any more or controlling my portions. I stopped following my Eating Plan for two years and picked up 23kg over this time. All my problems returned, even worse than before.
I went to the doctor for a check-up and he told my mother and I that I could have serious health issues growing up if I did not do something about my weight, even to the point where I could die! I burst into tears in his office because it was such a terrible feeling hearing how bad my weight problem had become. My mom suggested we try Weigh-Less again, this time with a bit more determination to reach my Goal Weight and get rid of my weight problems for good! We re-joined Weigh-Less, this time with Liza de Wet as my Group Leader, at the Berg-en-dal Church Hall in Bloemfontein, as the times of the Group suited me better.
The first week was hard because everybody ate sweets and chocolates during break at school, but I had lost weight on Weigh-Less once before, so I knew that I could do it again! I just had to remind myself that I had to lose the weight and keep it off this time. I wanted to be healthy, confident and slim like all my friends, so badly that I was determined to reach Goal Weight.
After the first week, I went back to my Group Meeting to see if I had managed to drop weight. I had, and I was so happy to be on the right track again. A typical breakfast for me from then onwards would be yoghurt and fruit, a very yummy chicken wrap for lunch, and for dinner, fish and mash. I realised that I could eat healthy and my food could still taste great.

The ball in my court
The most challenging part of my weight loss journey were all the birthday parties! They were difficult to manage in the beginning, because all the chocolates, sweets and chips would be very tempting. My mom helped me manage this by packing cheese, cucumber and carrots for me to snack on while all the other children were eating plenty of cake and chips. This was hard to watch, but I knew that I had to be strong in order to keep losing weight. After a month back on Weigh-Less it became much easier because I could eat Weigh-Less Break-outs! This really helped because I was able to enjoy foods that my friends were eating, in the form of treats during break times and hockey tournaments. I could keep both my sweet tooth and the scale happy by choosing a snack from the Weigh-Less Break-out range, and I knew that this would be a healthier choice than most of the snacks offered at the tuck-shop at school.
My family was very supportive of me while I was trying to lose my weight, and Liza was very helpful and kind to me. There were a few weeks when I gained weight, but Liza kept me motivated and was so positive and encouraging, inspiring me to carry on with my journey. I had to be very dedicated to my Eating Plan and very determined to reach Goal Weight. Although it wasn’t always easy, I stayed motivated by reminding myself that I would be so much happier, healthier and confident once I had lost the weight. Imagining myself not having to worry about my weight on the tennis court, and instead excelling in the extramural activities I participated in, was enough to make me stick to all the healthy changes I had made.

Finally feeling healthy
After seven months, I eventually reached my Goal Weight in April, 2014. It was such a great feeling to finally feel healthy and look so much better. My family and friends were so proud of me, and I was complimented by so many people at how great I was looking. I was also so proud of myself because I had learnt to be self-disciplined. I feel so much better now. I am so much lighter on my feet and because of this, I have made the Southern Free state B-team for Hockey and the A-team for my school. I feel part of the team now, and not like I am letting everybody down because I am too slow and have no energy. I have started winning my tennis matches again because I am much quicker and I can get to the ball faster. I can run around with the other girls, and I finally feel like I fit in with everybody else. My next goal is to win a gold medal at the National Lifesaving Championships. I have already won a bronze medal, and thanks to Weigh-Less I am confident that I will do even better at the next event.
I am a very sporty girl and I don’t really like dressing up, but now I can wear skinny jeans like all the other girls my age, and I don’t feel like everybody is watching me. My whole family has started following the Weigh-Less principles and we enjoy our Weigh-Less meals together. I still follow the Weigh-Less principles, but I am not as strict as before. I can now enjoy a cupcake when I go to parties, but I only have half, because if I have any more all the sugar makes me feel ill. I also know how horrible it feels to be overweight and I don’t ever want to have that problem again.

Facts & Figures:

  • Mia Le Roux is in Grade 6 at Oranje Meisieskool, and lives in Bloemfontein.
  • Age: 11
  • Height: 1.53m
  • Weight Then: 79kg
  • Goal Weight: 64kg
  • Weight Lost: 15kg
  • Time Taken: 7 months
  • Date reached Goal Weight: April, 2014

Weigh-Less Success Stories

Success Story

After the birth of her second child, Nhlanhla found her weight increase seemingly beyond her control. Despite religiously sticking to a daily gym routine, she did not see her efforts rewarded. Because of this, she often felt frustrated and discouraged at the ‘one step forward, two steps back’ pattern her weight seemed to follow. It was only when she discovered, through Weigh-Less, that an active lifestyle must be coupled with healthy eating habits, that she set out on the road to recovery. Find out how Weigh-Less improved her lifestyle and gave her the drive and passion to lose an impressive 26kg!

“I became really depressed because, as far as I was concerned, I was working really hard at the gym in order to lose weight. I couldn’t understand why my weight refused to budge.” - Nhlanhla Mkhabela

One step forward, two steps back
I come from a family which has a tendency to put on weight (particularly on my father’s side), if lifestyle and eating habits aren’t kept in check. Although I was never overweight as a child, I was often considered ‘big-boned’ amongst my peers. However, my family wasn’t too concerned about my weight, and would dismiss my concerns by telling me that it was normal for me to be bulky, and that I was a ‘daddy’s girl’ because I had inherited my father’s genes.

In 1995, I fell pregnant with my daughter, Lerato. After she was born, I found it relatively easy to shed the weight I had gained during my pregnancy. I religiously attended the gym, so that although I was not adhering to a strict diet, I was still capable of managing and maintaining my weight. However, after the birth of my son, Liyandza, in 2001, I let myself go, almost to the point where I feared that there would be no return. I gained a lot of weight by eating anything and everything I could get my hands on, and although I didn’t have a taste for typically unhealthy foods, my portions were far too generous in comparison to my metabolic process. I would often eat heavy dinners (such as pap and meat), and I had a tendency to snack too much before bedtime. I thought that by going to the gym I would be able to lose my excess weight because this was how I had successfully lost weight after my first pregnancy. Much to my dismay, I found that it was not as easy to lose weight the second time around. I went to the gym six times a week, in a desperate attempt to lose all the weight, but every time I stepped onto the scale, the numbers showed that I was not losing, but gaining more weight. When I looked at myself in the mirror I did not like what I saw, but in my mind I thought that I was losing weight because I was going to the gym religiously every day. I reasoned with myself that surely the weight should come off one way or the other, as a reward for my exercise efforts.

When I realised that exercise alone wasn’t enough, I used herbal diet tablets for a three-month period, and I lost about 10kg. However, I was unable to carry on using them because they had terrible side-effects on my body as well as my emotions. I was unable to sleep properly and suffered a series of mood swings, which would often throw me into a flying rage. My family cautioned me to stop taking the pills, and as a result, I regained all the weight I had lost (and more) once I stopped taking the diet pills. I then began consuming herbal, liquid drops on a daily basis that promised weight loss, but this quick-fix also did not have the desired effect on my body. It seemed as if the more I drank of the mixture, the bigger I became.

I began to feel heavy and fatigued as a result of my rise and fall in weight. I frequently experienced a shortness of breath when I would exert myself at the gym, and I battled to keep up with my gym mates. I became really depressed because, as far as I was concerned, I was working really hard at the gym to lose weight. I couldn’t understand why my weight refused to diminish. People, men in particular, would often yell hurtful comments at me, such as “Hey, come here fatty!” Their constant, negative remarks about my appearance deeply angered and depressed me. Deep down in my heart, I knew that I needed to lose weight for a reason more profound than just my physical appearance.

My baby-steps toward my weight-loss commitment
I had always been passionate about being at a healthy weight and looking my best physically, and in the back of my mind I knew I could achieve this goal, as I had done so before after the birth of my daughter. However, making the mind-to-body connection to lose weight was a major challenge for me, as I would always give in to unhealthy temptations shortly after resolving to lose weight. My first rude awakening arrived after a Christmas party I hosted in December, 2012. When I was looking through the photos that were taken, I was filled with dismay at what I saw. One image in particular, where I was standing next to my slim friend, was a figurative slap to the face and served as a bold confirmation of just how enormous I really was.

On the eve of January, 2012, I made losing weight my New Year’s resolution. In a desperate attempt to jumpstart my weight loss process, I went back to taking herbal, weight-loss pills for a period of three months. Much to my frustration, they didn’t work at all, and every time I stepped onto the scale, my weight remained exactly the same. When I finally came to terms with how the quick-fix diets and pills weren’t working for me, I realised that I needed to find a long-term solution for my weight problem. Help arrived at my doorstep in the form of a Weigh-Less pamphlet, and I was instantly intrigued by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as opposed to just a quick-fix diet scheme. My motivation to lose weight increased tremendously as I waded through the success stories on the Weigh-Less website

I phoned Beverly Butler, who was very friendly. She explained to me that her Group meetings and Weigh-ins took place every Saturday morning, and encouraged me to join her. At first, this concerned me, as Saturday mornings were reserved for my most intense, two-hour, gym sessions, and I knew that Weigh-Less Group sessions would inevitably interfere with my exercise routine. I thought about it, and eventually accepted the fact that between my gym routine and Weigh-Less Group sessions, one of them had to give. I chose Weigh-Less.

On the road to Goal Weight
My starting weight was 98kg, so Bev and I referred to my Goal Weight chart and calculated that I needed to lose 24kg to reach my Goal Weight. At first I was skeptical and doubted my ability to lose 24kg. I believed such a feat would be impossible, and I momentarily became discouraged and frustrated as a result. After a few minutes of thinking about the mountain I had to climb to reach Goal Weight, I reminded myself of the success stories I had read, where some Members had lost even more weight than what was expected of me, and this reassured me that I could achieve my Goal. I left my first Group meeting with a renewed sense of hope and determination. Throughout the following week, I was pleased to discover that my Step 1, Menu Plan was easy for me to follow because I was permitted to eat most foods, and I looked forward to Saturday with eager anticipation. At my second Group meeting, I was delighted to see that I had lost 3kg. My friends and colleagues were astonished by this, because they knew that I was not restricting myself and that I was still able to eat most foods.

Within the first three weeks of my Weigh-Less journey, I could feel the difference that healthy eating was having on my body. I found that I had more energy and experienced less mood-swings, which made me a far more pleasant person to spend time with. I also felt how my clothes were becoming baggier by the day and I gradually became more enthusiastic about shopping for clothes. Even my gym buddies began noticing the positive impact that Weigh-Less was having on my body, and they couldn’t help but comment on my weight-loss and how good I was looking. When they asked me how I was losing weight, I told them that I was working towards my Goal Weight the Weigh-Less way, they just could not believe it. My family was also very supportive of me throughout my journey, and they were happy to see that I was losing weight without torturing myself. Because I was no longer following a restrictive diet or popping weight-loss pills, my own daughter caught on to my Weigh-Less passion because she knew that Weigh-Less was not forcing me to use strict, weight-loss methods. I began cooking Weigh-Less food for her, and she has since resolved that she will never be as overweight as I once was.

My journey to Goal Weight was not without its fair share of obstacles. Sometimes I would feel stuck at a certain weight, because the numbers on the scale wouldn’t change for a few days at a time. Although I found it relatively easy to stick to my Eating Plan, one of the major challenges I faced was when my friends or colleagues would invite me to eat lunch with them. They often bought food from KFC or Chicken Licken, which teased my nostrils and tempted my taste buds. In order to keep myself from straying, I would constantly remind myself of my physical and emotional need to lose 24kg, and this kept me on track. Throughout my journey, Bev was very supportive and patient. She motivated me from the beginning, and would frequently send me messages when I felt like giving up or as if I was not losing weight fast enough. She reminded me of the end result and how important it was. She was so loving and caring, and would celebrate any loss with me, even if it was only 200 grams.

A happy and healthy new me
I finally reached the top end of my Goal Weight range, which motivated me to take my weight-loss further, until I reached 69kg – the bottom of my Goal Weight range.

My social and personal life has changed for the better since I reached my Goal Weight. My family, friends, gym buddies and work colleagues are so proud of what I have achieved through Weigh-Less. I am much happier now and I look forward to going out with my friends because I can now fit into sexy dresses, skinny jeans and tight-fitting tops. My boss even calls me ‘Ms. Vogue’, and says that the way I dress is fit for the pages of a glamorous, high-fashion magazine.

Weigh-Less has become my way of life. There are times when I do fall off the wagon, but I do my best to ensure that my moment of weakness is swiftly corrected. If I cheat or overeat at one meal, I make sure that my next meal is directly from my Menu Plan and that my portions are weighed accordingly. This has proven to those around me and myself, that Weigh-Less has helped me cultivate a stronger sense of self-discipline. It also shows that Weigh-Less has produced the only healthy, balanced Eating Plan that works for me. I am tempted to make a T-Shirt with the slogan Want to lose weight? Ask me how.

I still enjoy going to the gym because I feel that exercise is one of the most important parts of my journey. I make a point of combining my healthy Eating Plan with some form of exercise each day, whether it is a walk, jog, gym routine or aerobics. I now feel lighter and more energised, especially when I do aerobics classes, because I can actually jump around without running out of breath, or my body weighing me down.

Facts and Figures

  • Nhlanhla Mkhabela is a co-ordinating manager in Kibler Park, Johannesburg.
  • Age 43
  • Height: 1.63m
  • Weight then: 98kg
  • Goal Weigh: 72kg
  • Weight lost: 26kg
  • Time taken: 8 months
  • Date reached Goal Weight: February 2013

Weigh-Less Success Stories

Success Story

Paul turns to Weigh-Less to fix the consequences of his broken heart, losing 17kg in the process! After being diagnosed with a leaking heart-valve in his 30s, Paul turned to unhealthy eating and the occasional binge drinking session in an attempt to patch up the flood of emotions he experienced as a result of his condition. It wasn’t until his poor lifestyle almost killed him that he finally decided to turn it all around, and rather walk the path of health and liveliness. This is Paul’s story of how he found Weigh-Less in his search for a new, life-changing direction.

“What we didn't know at the time was that I was only given a 35 percent chance of making it through the night…” – Paul Reardon

Setting myself up for suicide
I wasn’t an overweight child, teenager or young adult. I only started picking up weight in my 30s, mainly because of the emotional consequences of being diagnosed with a leaking valve in my heart. We all look for coping mechanisms in times of hardship, and mine happened to be unhealthy food and litres of alcohol. My weight gain started because I was depressed about my heart condition, and the looming prospect of having to eventually face surgery. My wife, Raedene, two sons and I also lived a lifestyle of eating out a lot, where I wouldn’t hold back on my food orders. I would also occasionally binge drink to drown my sorrows. What I didn't realise was that this lifestyle aggravated my heart condition, and I was to later find out that it would nearly kill me.

Being overweight wasn't immediately noticeable on me because I am tall, and so my weight kept increasing even though it wasn’t really showing. I eventually reached 115kg! It was at this point that I noticed in pictures and in my clothing that I had gained a substantial amount of weight. Being that overweight was absolutely embarrassing. We spend a lot of time at the beach, and the pot belly I had didn’t complement my bathing shorts. Instead, I even used to wear my wetsuit on hot days, just so that I could hide the tyre that was wedged around my midsection. I didn't experience any health problems from being overweight, but I was very uncomfortable in my clothes, and the way they had to stretch to fit me was terrible. Raedene also pointed out that I had gained a few kilograms, but the worst was still to come…

A life-changing visit to the ICU
It was after a long, intoxicating bull’s party weekend that I went to a restaurant with Raedene and a few friends, and proceeded to drink as I had done throughout the weekend. I suddenly noticed that my heart wasn't behaving itself, and I immediately realised that something was wrong. Everything from that moment onwards became a blur for me, although unfortunately not for Raedene. I was rushed to the Ethekwini Heart Hospital where the junior doctor on-call said that everything was okay. Boy was he wrong, as I was later sent up to the cardiac care unit for observation, and that's when the wheels fell off!

Raedene stayed with me and noticed that my breathing became inconsistent and stuttered, at which point she alerted the nurses who took me through to ICU, where the doctor on-call had to resuscitate me. My cardiologist was called, and he performed an emergency angioplasty because my heart had swollen in my chest, and had resulted in heart failure. He managed to stabilise me while they waited for a new valve to be flown in from Johannesburg. What we didn't know at the time was that I was only given a 35 percent chance of making it through the night. All I can say is thank God for miracles, an amazing doctor, Dave Gillmer, and the best wife a man could hope for!
That was my turning point. The moment when I realised that it was time to ramp up my efforts in the fight against being overweight, unhealthy and miserable.

Weigh-Less to the rescue!
I had tried many diets before joining Weigh-Less. The low-carb, high-protein diet worked for a while, but was totally unsustainable. At the end of almost every day on that diet I would feel tired and grumpy, and this would put me in a horrible mood. Around the time I was looking for a new diet, a friend of mine had just completed his steps on Weigh-Less and had lost a lot of weight. I eventually made the decision to give it a go. I felt that I had nothing left to lose, except a few kilograms. I joined the St Agnes Group in Kloof, and my Group Leader was, and still is, Elayne Maree. Although I was slightly nervous at first, my first Group meeting ended up being inspirational, as Elayne warmly welcomed me to the Weigh-Less path I was going to “give it stick” on!

Although I lost a couple of kilograms in the first two weeks, I only noticed the weight starting to drop off of my tall frame after about three weeks on the programme. As I began to lose weight, I thought that I could speed up the process by cutting out some meals. I soon learned, with the help of my caring Group Leader, that this was not a good idea! It actually slowed down my weight loss and made me feel tired again, as I wasn’t getting all the nutrients my body required. It is important to stick to your Weigh-Less Eating Plan and follow it to the tee, only then will the weight melt off of you.

Getting to Goal Weight, my way
The motivation throughout my journey came from the desire to turn my life around and live longer, as well as my incredible family and friends. They have been monumentally supportive and constantly by my side throughout the journey. My wife even joined Weigh-Less with me (even though she has an amazing figure), just so that she could help prepare the meals with me and support me as I went to Group. Our two boys are happy with eating the Weigh-Less way, and actually quite enjoy the meals that Raedene and I prepare. The only difference is with my oldest son who is a fitness athlete, so he has more protein than the rest of us with his meals.
My typical breakfast included a boiled egg on toast, or jungle oats; lunch was usually shaved ham on rye crackers, and supper was chicken or beef with vegetables. What people don't realise is that with the Weigh-Less way of eating, you get to eat so much food! I never became grumpy, because I was not starving myself. With all the recommended snacks between meals, the Eating Plan ensures that you make it through the day feeling satisfied. This also enabled me to make it through my steps on Weigh-Less without cheating too often. If I ever did cheat, I would acknowledge my mishap and get back on track with my next meal.
The only difficult part of the journey is the manner in which you approach it, and by that I mean not paying attention to all the information in your filo as far as the array of foods you can eat. If you listen to your Group Leader, and stick to your Formula and Menu Plan, Weigh-Less can go smoothly! Weigh-Less fits in well with my current lifestyle. My family and I don't eat out like we used to, as we all really enjoy the home-cooked meals. When we do go out, I choose a protein and vegetables to accompany it, and as for food laden holidays, I eat moderately because I don't enjoy that “stuffed” feeling anymore.

There’s nothing weighty about Goal Weight
Reaching Goal Weight has brought about a complete shift in the way I view and experience life. I feel much better about myself and my future. Nothing feels better than going shopping and realising that I am now a size 34 pants, while my shirt size has also dropped down to a large. I find it a lot easier to exercise now too, and although I swam and went to gym throughout my Weigh-Less journey, I do enjoy it a lot more now that I am at Goal Weight.
I am still thorough when it comes to sticking to the Weigh-Less principles, although it is more part of my lifestyle than a conscious effort. My family are incredibly proud of me for integrating the healthy principles into my lifestyle, and my sons view me as a role model for the way in which I was able to turn my life around. Weigh-Less truly works and it has been an amazing journey. I would encourage anyone thinking of losing weight to give it a try. It is wholly sustainable, interesting and ensures that you are not hungry all the time. It has been an awesome experience, and I would like to thank my Group Leader and Weigh-Less for adding years to my life.

Facts and Figures

  • Paul Reardon is the owner of an App and Software Development company and lives in Forest Hills, KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Age: 41
  • Height: 1.90m
  • Weight then: 115kg
  • Goal Weight: 98kg
  • Weight lost: 17kg
  • Time Taken: Four months
  • Date reached Goal Weight: November, 2014

Weigh-Less Success Stories

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  • Weight Management
  • Joining Fee R210.00
  • Full Fee R280.00
  • Concession (Pensioners and students) R230.00
  • Goal Weight Paying member R110.00
  • Goal Weight - Once a month FREE weigh in *
  • * No fees provided the member stays within 2kg of the Weigh-Less Goal Weight
  • ** All fees are payable monthly in group
  • Plus Club
  • Joining Fee R210.00
  • Full Fee R250.00
  • Concession (Pensioners and students) R230.00
  • Goal Weight Paying member R110.00
  • Goal Weight - Once a month FREE weigh in *
  • * No fees provided the member stays within 2kg of the Weigh-Less Goal Weight
  • ** All fees are payable monthly via Debit Order

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